I’ve jumped ship

Wow! I finally took a hard look at my blog and realized that I haven’t had that much to say lately. Well I did, I just chose not to and chose to surf most of the blogs that I normally read. I could have had numerous postings in response to the debacle that Obama has tried to get the American public to swallow hook, line and sinker. There are many of you that I read that say things so much more intelligently than I can. Again, socialism is not the answer to the healthcare crisis Mr. President. There are too many past, real life, failed examples i.e. communism to prove otherwise and still, the powers that be in our government want to move in that direction. I will never get it.

I think I quit posting because I found myself digressing into a negative thought process in regards to anything I faced. I am far from the eternal optimist but, man was I ever getting grumpier and grumpier. I also realized that I was banging my head against an unmovable rock wall. It was also happening in my career as well. Nursing care in an acute care surgical ICU will and can wear you the hell out. The disparities between nursing and administration are prevalent at any hospital, even at the hospital I worked with who continually touted their recognition as one of the “Best Companies to Work for in (your home state)”. I always had qualms knowing they were a county supported system. Read that as government supported, and you know when the government touches anything, they fail miserably.

I have made a rather large transition in the choice of my career field. I left a government run, bureaucratic, crap machine (no matter how wonderful they think they are) and moved into private care. You may think I am crazy with what the current administration has in store for healthcare, but this company has developed quite a niche for themselves. I still fault the governmental intrusions into healthcare for the current calamities. And then people themselves are at fault for abusing insurance as a way to pay for healthcare. Insurance was initially developed as a safety net, not as a way to completely fund your average, daily, snotty nose, ER visit.

It’s heart warming going to work for a company where no government pukes can randomly cause fear running through ‘the system’ because our success rate and performance bonuses are no longer based on customer service surveys where there is a less than 30% response rate and then 70% of those are for the most part negative. There was a time when private care actually worked in the country and I have strongly become a proponent of the cash only clinics popping up in various cities within our country. I know we still have some of our governmental regulations we will have to maintain, but there is something refreshing about a privately held company that doesn’t have such an oppressive feel of governmental intrusion.

The hypocrisy of government?

Nothing that you don’t already know, but the people that actually trusts these folks up in Washington is really disturbing? Why do some people in this nation think that they are going to help us out of the current financial situation we are in when the double the deficit?! Yeah, I am biased and lean a bit towards the conservative side but this article found on Fox News shows why I absolutely do not trust the Democratic side of politics. I know, I know…they’re all screwed up in D.C. but the quote at the end of the article, really chaps my hide. Yes, President Bush made his mistakes, but the quickness that (democratic) media tries to point blame at the president, when they should be looking at the ragtags in office.

“It should be remembered that fiscal year 2009 began during the Bush administration, which left in its wake the worst recession since the 1930s, including a sharp plunge in revenues,” said Rep. John Spratt Jr., D-S.C., chairman of the House Budget Committee. “But today’s figures send us the latest alarm. As the economy stabilizes and starts to recover, we will have to turn our focus back to deficit reduction.”

Sir, your party has been in control of the House since the Bush administration, why don’t you pull your head out of your arse and take some responsibility for running up the bills?